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Workers in the manufacturing sector will go through workplace training through the use of technology

Workers in the manufacturing sector go through workplace training to learn new skillset as the fourth industrial revolution takes place in their current jobs. It is usual for workers to feel anxious when the companies they work for begins to take up technology and automation seriously. Such an environment will create pressure if it is not followed through with addressing workers need in tandem with technology uptake.

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Published by 3E Accounting
on 02 Dec 2019

Workers in the manufacturing sector will go through workplace training through the use of technology

In Control of Technology

Adopting technology is commendable when it is cost-efficient and time-saving for repetitive processes to be executed without flaws. But what happens then to workers who have contributed to the company before automation? For automation of tasks to take place, humans must be put in place to control the technology for automation. Thus, creating a whole new set of work skills for workers in the manufacturing sector.

Addressing Their Needs

Company Training Committees (CTCs) are set up to help equip workers with relevant skills using technology. Such an initiative is a collaboration between the unionised companies and the National Trade Union Congress Employment and Employability Institute (NTUC e2i). The effort is estimated to benefit over 12,000 local workers ranging from professionals, managers, executives and technicians. CTC will be the platform for workers to address their needs for learning new skills to continue contributing to the company. Hence, companies can structure their company transformation parallel with technology adoption.

Training to Be Better

Now and then, workplace training is necessary for workers of all levels to be ahead in terms of relevancy of the industry or keeping abreast of updates within the industry. Workers need to be convinced that technology will be an assistance to their tasks. Employees need to change their mindset from traditional work culture to an Industry 4.0 ready workforce. Thus, training to acquire new knowledge and use of technology will be beneficial to themselves as well as the company. Being knowledgeable and in-tune with current or relevant industry needs is one of the vital attributes any employee should possess; hence, workplace training is a way to expand one’s knowledge base.

Sharing the Gains

With increased skills and awareness of workers, companies will have better productivity rates. Thus, companies are urged to reward their workers when they do well. This will create a sustainable ecosystem where workers become more passionate to contribute to the companies’ success, and the companies will be able to move forward with the times when they have workers with a changed mindset.


This article was first published on 3E Accounting. Information is correct at the time of publication.

Last Modified Date: 19 Nov 2019