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Laws Relating To... (11 of 11): Your Business Structure

Depending on your business structure or activity, there are specific laws that you must comply with.

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 16 Oct 2019

Laws Relating To... (12 of 12): Your Business Structure
  • Sole-proprietors and partnerships have other businesses structures. For instance: 
    •  A company must file its annual returns with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) while sole-proprietors do not.
    • Only limited liability partnerships are required to lodge an “Annual Declaration” to ACRA.
    • Only partnerships and sole-proprietors need to renew their business registrations annually before the expiry date. 
  • If you are doing business in Singapore, you are expected to comply with these laws:

Business Names Registration Act

Sets out rules for persons intending to carry on a business in Singapore.

Companies Act

Rules relating to the formation of a company and powers and responsibilities of directors and officers, among others.

Limited Liability Partnerships Act

Sets out the nature of a limited liability partnership, registration and management.

Limited Partnerships Act

Rules relating to establishing limited partnerships and the duties and offences under the Act.

Partnership Act

Sets out the nature of a partnership, relations of partners and dissolution of partnership.


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Last Modified Date: 16 Oct 2019