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Culture hampers building of better workplaces

Businesses are struggling with culture, technology and processes that are preventing them from creating sufficient working conditions for some of their most highly valued workers, according to new research from Jabra.

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Published by Questex Asia
on 29 Jul 2016

Culture hampers building of better workplaces

These workers are struggling to create productive working environments, with research showing the most productive customer service profiles up to 47% more productive compared to the least productive.

The research reveals that, as customer calls are getting more complex, the winning companies will be the ones that invest in ensuring working conditions allow for concentration and efficiency of their workers.

For employees who add significant value through conversation with customers on the phone, there are many complex issues with ensuring productivity as a result of interruptions, noise and their working environment.

The availability of multiple communications methods for customer service, such as company websites, email or instant messaging, means on-the-phone conversations are even more value-creating.

Conversations on the phone are rare yet are often a key moment when customers find that other methods have failed. Yet for those responsible for those conversations, as many as 36% think there are too many interruptions from colleagues throughout the day, and on average 34% find noise levels in their working environment too distracting.

These are rated far higher than factors such as number of calls per day or too few breaks between calls. They are therefore prevented from producing that value in a productive manner and as a result, businesses need to re-think the culture and tools they offer in order to fully enable and maximise the resource of these highly valuable employees.

“Within every business there is a group of employees who spend a significant amount of time and effort on their call-based communication,” said Holger Reisinger, SVP of Jabra.

“Conversations that this group are having are important in-depth discussions, bringing significant value and adding to the success of the business - they represent the organisation publicly,” said Reisinger. “Yet organizational culture doesn’t prioritize enabling productivity for these individuals, and too often it’s not a consideration at all.”

Original article taken from: http://www.enterpriseinnovation.net/article/culture-hampers-building-better-workplaces-436879263

Last Modified Date: 30 Mar 2018