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Getting Accreditation

When an entity is accredited, it has been assessed against internationally recognised standards on integrity and technical competence. Accreditation is granted to calibration and testing laboratories, and inspection and certification bodies who meet these standards.

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 09 Jan 2020

Getting Accreditation

Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)

  • The Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) is the national authority for the independent accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) in Singapore.
  • The SAC’s primary function is to accredit conformity assessment services, such as testing, calibration, inspection and certification.
  • The 4 current accreditation schemes offered by SAC are:
    • Certification Bodies
    • Inspection Bodies
    • Laboratories
    • Proficiency Testing Providers

See: Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB)


Applying for Accreditation

To be eligible, your business must:

1.   Provide evidence of fulfilling base requirements outlined in the relevant standards. It must also be a registered legal entity.

2.   Apply online through the SACINET website and submit required documents.

3.   Make payment of fees to SAC.

4.   Wait for an SAC officer to follow up with you. Please note that it can take between 3 to 6 months to be accredited.

If you would like more details, please go to Accreditation Process.

A. Accreditation for Calibration and Testing Laboratories

  • The laboratories are assessed against ISO/IEC 17025 and the  accreditation is for tests and calibrations in various fields such as:
    • Calibration & Measurement
    • Chemical & Biological Testing
    • Civil Engineering Testing
    • Electrical Testing
    • Environmental Testing
    • Gaming Testing
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Medical Imaging Testing
    • Medical Testing
    • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Laboratories accredited by SAC are allowed to issue endorsed reports. These reports bear the SAC accreditation mark for accredited tests and calibrations in their scope. 
  • SAC accreditation works on assessment by an independent team.This means assessments are done by a team composed of SAC staff and  technical assessor(s) who are experts in their field of knowledge. The technical assessors may come from the industry, government bodies and tertiary institutions.

More details at Calibration and Testing Laboratories.

B. Accreditation for Inspection Bodies

  • Inspection bodies are accredited based on international standard, ISO/IEC 17020, which covers:
    • Cargo Inspection
    • Central Alarm Monitoring Stations Inspection
    • Hook-Lift & Container Inspection
    • Motor Vehicle Inspection
    • Pressure Vessel / Lifting Equipment Inspection
    • Site Investigation
    • Structural Steelwork Inspection
    • Technical Audit of Extension Schemes for Pressure Vessels
  • A lead assessor and technical assessor(s) will conduct the assessment. They will check and examine the product design, service, process or plant.
  • When the inspection body has demonstrated compliance with SAC’s requirements, it will be recommended for accreditation.
  • Once approved, SAC will grant a certificate of accreditation.

You can get more information at Inspection Bodies.

C. Accreditation for Certification Bodies

  • Certification bodies are assessed based on their independence, integrity and technical competence.
  • They have to demonstrate a level of competence within their area of operation and the audit organisations’ management system.
  • Accreditation for certification bodies includes:
    • Business Continuity Management
    • End of Life ICT Equipment
    • Certification of Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices
    • Energy Management System
    • Environmental Management System
    • Food Safety Management System
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point based Food Management System
    • Learning Service Providers
    • Management System
    • Multi-Tiered and Cloud Computing Security
    • Occupational Safety and Health
    • Water Efficiency Management System

For the detailed accreditation process, please refer to Certification Bodies.

D. Proficiency Testing Providers

  • Proficiency testing makes use of inter-laboratory comparisons to determine a laboratory’s performance. 
  • An international primary standard, ISO/IEC 17043, is used for accreditation of proficiency testing providers.
  • The areas assessed are in management, planning and design, personnel, assuring quality and confidentiality for organising proficiency testing programme.

You can visit the SAC website for more details on Proficiency Testing Providers.


Getting Certified

If you wish to seek certification, you will be assessed by an SAC-accredited certification body against a particular standard such as ISO 9001.


Getting More Information

  • You may contact the Singapore Accreditation Council at:


Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2020