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Overview of National Standards and Accreditation

Introduce standards and get your business accredited so that your products, services or business systems meet the fixed specifications and quality benchmarks adopted by the industry.

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 09 Jan 2020

Overview of National Standards and Accreditation

What Standards Are

  • Standards are tried and tested industry best practices. They are voluntary, providing guidance to businesses in areas such as design, products and processes.
  • Standards encourage you to focus on the products and services you deliver, the business processes you follow and the way you manage your business as a whole.
  • They do this by providing a practical framework for you to examine, review and continually improve any area of your business.
  • Each formal standard has a unique number and a prefix that shows the types of standards. Singapore Standards or National Standards have the prefix ‘SS’, while the letters ‘ISO’ or ‘IEC’ precede international standards.
  • Some well-known international standards are:
    • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 
    • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  • You may purchase a paper or PDF copy standards at the Singapore Standards eShop, and apply them to relevant areas of your business. You may also opt for the online Singapore Standards Subscription Service, which allows you and your employees to get unlimited, simultaneous access to Singapore Standards anytime, anywhere.


What Is Accreditation

  • When you seek accreditation, your business is evaluated and assessed by a trusted independent third party or against internationally recognised standards. This gives independent proof to your customers and suppliers that you’re meeting or exceeding best practice.
  • Certification is done by an accredited conformance assessment body (CAB). This provides an objective way to prove that your products and services meet applicable standards.


Benefits of Meeting Business Standards & Getting Accreditation

  • Standards help you grow your business, build consumer confidence and promote innovation.
  • If you own a gourmet food shop, for example, and adopt international standards such as the ISO 9001 for quality management and the ISO 22000 for food safety management, your customers are assured you have a system of checks in place.
  • Accreditation proves your products or services meet standards. They give customers trust and confidence in your business.
  • Getting accreditation also means you may have opportunities to tender for contracts or join supply chains.


Who Promotes & Develops Business Standards in Singapore

  • Enterprise Singapore coordinates the Singapore Standardisation Programme under the guidance of the industry-led Singapore Standards Council.
  • It develops consensus-based Singapore Standards and promotes them for wide acceptance by businesses.
  • Enterprise Singapore also appoints industry associations and professional body as Standards Development Organisations to develop and promote standards in certain industries.
  • You may comment on draft standards before they are published. To find out more, please refer to Singapore Standards for Public Comments.
  • You can read more about the Standards Development Process on Enterprise Singapore’s website.


Getting More Information

  • For enquiries, you may contact Enterprise Infoline at (65) 6898 1800.
  • If you need more information on Singapore Standards, you may refer to these resources:

National Library Board
100 Victoria Street
Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, Level 7
Singapore 188064
Tel: (65) 6332 3255
Email: ref@nlb.gov.sg
Website: http://libguides.singaporetech.edu.sg/standards/stds-nlb


Last Modified Date: 09 Jan 2020