Support workers in their skills training so that they
remain relevant with changing needs of the industry.


Career Support Programme

Wage support to encourage employers to hire eligible Singaporeans who are mature and retrenched, or are in long-term unemployment.

Capability Transfer Programme

Plug capability gaps in the local workforce by engaging foreign specialists to transfer capabilities to local workers, or sending local workers for training abroad, with funding support and work pass facilitation.

Career Trial For Employers

Try out job seekers seeking new careers through a short-term work stint, with training and salary support.


Funding support to better recruit, manage and retrain newly-hired PMETs.

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP), Place-and-Train

Receive training and salary support to hire and reskill job seekers, including mid-career switchers.

SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme

Groom and retain suitable fresh graduates from ITEs and Polytechnics through structured career development programmes.

SkillsFuture Work-Learn Boot Camp

Attract and hire fresh graduates and mid-career individuals who will be trained with behavioural and technical skills for in-demand job roles

Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2019