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Asia Law Network

Asia’s go-to platform for everything legal

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Published by Asia Law Network
on 28 Jun 2018

Asia Law Network

Our Mission

We use cutting-edge technology to make finding legal help easy and affordable across Asia.

Asia Law Network strives to give you the tools to make better informed life decisions and to build stronger businesses by connecting you to quality, quick, and affordable legal services.

Whether you have a quick question or a larger conflict to solve, we collaborate with our legal partners to make sure you get the legal advice you need.

We help lawyers help you.

We created Asia Law Network to connect customers to quality lawyers and to provide lawyers with a platform to reinvent their business. With Asia Law Network’s software, lawyers have newfound potential for productivity and a way to reach customers that has never existed before.

Our Story

Founded in August 2014 by technopreneur Cherilyn Tan, Asia Law Network came about when Cherilyn was looking for a lawyer to help restructure a previous business she was involved in.

Asia Law Network has the largest network of lawyers in Singapore - with more than 30% of Singapore lawyers, and an extended network that includes lawyers from other parts of Asia Pacific and the world.

As the ONLY marketing platform partnered with the Ministry of Law, Law Society of Singapore and SPRING Singapore, AsiaLawNetwork.com is a reliable and trusted platform both for lawyers and people looking for quick and affordable legal help.

Facts About Us

  • Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore
  • Only marketing platform partnered under the Tech Start for Law Scheme by Ministry of Law, Law Society of Singapore and SPRING Singapore
  • More than 2,000 lawyers in Singapore on the platform (~40% of lawyers) and more in the region
  • First in Singapore to provide a quick legal service platform (Quick Consult) that connects people to lawyers for a transparent, flat and affordable rates within 2 working days from S$49
  • Expanded the service Quick Consult to the region where anyone in the world can call a lawyer for legal advice in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam
  • First in the legal industry to use Facebook live to educate the public on what lawyers do
  • First Singapore Legal Tech Company to qualify for Stanford’s Legal Tech List

Last Modified Date: 26 Jun 2018

Asia Law Network (Interstellar Group Pte Ltd)

6001 Beach Road
Singapore 199589

Website: www.asialawnetwork.com
Telephone: +65 9459 8192
Email: support@asialawnetwork.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsiaLawNetwork/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/asialawnetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/asialawnetwork