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Innovation Enterprise Ltd

Inform. Inspire. Innovate. The Leading Global Voice In Enterprise innovation.

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Published by Innovation Enterprise Ltd
on 31 May 2017

Innovation Enterprise Ltd. is a business media company specializing in enterprise innovation. We bring our exceptional cross-industry knowledge to the business community through a combination of digital media and live summits, providing organizations with cutting-edge insights to drive growth in the constantly changing business environment.

Through our key channels - Big Data, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Digital, Finance, & Operations - we connect industry leaders across the business spectrum, from leading Fortune 500 companies to disruptive and exciting new startups, facilitating the sharing of ideas through webinars, articles, white papers, and on-demand video content1.

We also offer a range of additional media products, including lead generation services, custom events and custom research to fortune 500 clients.

Our specialties include Big Data, Analytics, Innovation, Strategy, Digital, Finance, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Data Science, FP&A, S&OP.



Last Modified Date: 31 May 2017

Innovation Enterprise Ltd

10 East Road
N1 6AD, London
United Kingdom

Website: https://theinnovationenterprise.com/
Telephone: +852 5808 1636
Email: ryuan@theiegroup.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ie---innovation-enterprise/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IEGroup