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SME Centre @ SMCCI

We believe in giving value so SMEs can grow and transform.

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Published by SME Centre @ SMCCI
on 04 Jul 2016

SME Centre @SMCCI was established in 2006 with a mission to provide one-stop centre to assist local 
small and medium enterprises (SMEs) amidst the backdrop of the challenging global economic landscape.

As a strategic partner of SPRING Singapore, SME Centre @SMCCI partners with aspiring entrepreneurs 
and SMEs to help them grow and transform their businesses through a diverse range of services such as:

  1. Complimentary one-to-one general business advisory to identify 
    business needs and chart milestones
  2. Capability development services to improve business 
    processes and performance
  3. Business diagnostic assessments to eliminate gaps and increase productivity
  4. Themed-based workshops to facilitate sharing of business tips 
    and trends for companies to remain relevant

So, partner with us today to embark on a journey of growth.

Last Modified Date: 02 Aug 2017

SME Centre @ SMCCI

15 Jalan Pinang S199147

Website: www.smecentre-smcci.sg
Telephone: +65 6293 3822 
Email: gadvisory@smecentre-smcci.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/smecentre.smcci
Instagram: www.instagram.com/smcci