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Talent Plus

Through The Science of Talent®, Talent Plus identifies employee talents and behaviors proven to improve customer satisfaction, increase engagement and reduce turnover.

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Published by Talent Plus
on 08 Jun 2015

Ranked No. 4 2014 Great Place to Work and on the list for the fourth consecutive year by Fortune magazine, Talent Plus is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner for organizations focused on delivering incredible customer services. Our science provides highly validated recommendations and insights into how companies can best leverage the talents of their pipeline to make the best selection decisions, ultimately driving outcomes including growth in customer satisfaction, increased productivity, reduction in turnover, strengthened employee engagement, sustained excellence and improved profitability.

Established in 1989, Talent Plus is an internationally recognized talent management consulting firm with over 400 global clients in 20 countries. International headquarter is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the United States, while the Asia Pacific headquarter is based in Singapore. For more details, please visit Talent Plus website at www.talentplus.com.


Last Modified Date: 18 Apr 2017

Talent Plus Pte Ltd

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Singapore 179803

Website: http://www.talentplus.com
Telephone: +65 6338 5435
Email: dsenturk@talentplus.com