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UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute

Learning and Discovery

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Published by UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute
on 10 May 2016

The UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute is a commitment in the partnership between UOB, SMU and other local enterprises.  The Institute advocates the exchange of knowledge and resources to support the growth and development of local enterprises and students of the University and engages in knowledge creation.  The key thrusts of the Institute, namely education, outreach and research, are:  

Education and Outreach

Under the key thrust of education, the Institute organises its SME Development Series Talks and Workshops, to enhance the knowledge of local enterprises.

In its outreach effort, the Institute has its principal initiative – the SME Consulting Programme (SCP), where students of the University embark on business consultancy projects mandated by local enterprises.


The Institute aspires to develop an eco-system for learning. A Learning Portal has been developed to provide a platform for our SMEs to understand themselves better as well as to gain knowledge about business and management. Besides hosting a knowledge repository of contents on business and management, a set of interactive toolkits is also made available to provide hands-on guides and templates for users to learn more about the topics and themselves.


Last Modified Date: 10 May 2016

UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute

70 Stamford Road,
B1-33, Singapore Management University,
Singapore 178901

Website: http://usaei.smu.edu.sg/
Telephone: 65 6828 0954
Email: uob-smuaei@smu.edu.sg