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Effective methods to be incorporated in the onboarding programme that boosts staff retention

Onboarding process is said to be one of the key factors that could make or break the retention. Therefore, companies are advised to invest time and manpower to ensure the implementation of the good onboarding programme.

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Published by 3E Accounting
on 23 Sep 2019

Effective Methods to Be Incorporated in the Onboarding Programme That Boosts Staff Retention.

This article will lay out a guideline on what should be included in your company’s onboarding programme that could empower employee engagement, boost staff retention and inspire loyalty.

Technology has reshaped our business landscape and improved our communications. While we witness the changes brought by the new technologies, we also welcome the new generation to join the workforce. The addition of younger generation in the workforce does not only mean the addition of new blood, but also the rise of the shifting trend in workplace loyalty.

Though it is not a fact of ultimate certainty, many companies are seeing higher turnover rate with growing number of younger generations entering the workforce. Low staff engagement and the not-so-well-designed onboarding programme are among the leading reasons causing the higher attrition rate of a company.

  1. Onboarding Programme Begins with Good Pre-onboarding Engagement

    As the title suggests, a good onboarding actually starts even before the new hire’s day one in the company. Many times, companies tend to disengage temporarily with the new hire after the signing of employment contract, until they commence work in the company.

    A good pre-onboarding process, for example, a personalised welcome email, will create a favourable first impression as it might also make the new joiner feel welcomed and being accepted as part of the team.

    Of course, onboarding programme does not stop at pre-onboarding stage. A well thought out onboarding programme with structured timeline, useful welcome kit and orientation would be the foundation of a good onboarding process.

  2. Pair the New Joiner with a Mentor/Seasoned Employee/Work Senior

    Pairing new joiners with a mentor or workplace partner is the ideal solution to help new staff to feel comfortable and guided on their first day of work or first few weeks after the day one. It is because, usually, the appointed senior will guide them to familiarise with new working environment and ease into the new working culture. This type of mentorship will increase new hire’s productivity, motivation, as well as staff retention rate among new joiners.

  3. Provide Assurance with a Structured Journey Map of Career Progression

    This part actually spells out the importance of mapping out the clearly defined career goals and expectations in the beginning. Often, the clearly defined goals, milestones, and job expectation will keep new hires motivated because they will not feel lost.

    A well thought out journey map is like the Customer Journey Map, it gives the new joiner a visual blueprint of what should they do and what are the challenges ahead. This is actually a great stage where the hiring manager could identify the new hire’s strength and weakness while easing them into the team culture.

  4. Develop Effective Communications for Regular Check-ins and Feedback

    The purpose of having regular check-ins and feedback is to understand not only how the new hires feel, but also the relationship between them and team (including their reporting superior). Such communication system should be designed to enable the hiring manager and HR personnel to take a pulse on new joiners’ experience and how could the superior and team help if there are any hidden issues.

    Lastly, onboarding process is said to be one of the key factors that could make or break the retention. A well-designed onboarding programme will help new hires to head off to their new position with clearly defined visions and motivation. Therefore, companies are advised to invest time and manpower to ensure the implementation of the good onboarding programme, not only to make sure new hires feel welcomed with a sense of belonging, but also to increase staff retention rate.


This article was first published on 3E Accounting Pte Ltd. Information is correct at the time of publication.

Last Modified Date: 20 Sep 2019