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Getting Started in the F&B Industry

If you are interested in starting an F&B establishment or manufacturing business, you should be aware of existing requirements.

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 01 Apr 2018

A. Apply For Licences & Permits

Licences and permits are required when you:

  • Import ingredients and equipment
  • Operate central kitchens & food processing establishments
  • Operate F&B outlets like hawker stalls, restaurants, cafes, and mobile food wagons, among others
  • Renovate existing premises
  • Provide entertainment in your F&B outlet
  • Serve alcohol to customers
  • Sell liquor and tobacco products
  • Provide outdoor dining areas
  • Operate establishments such as food factories or premises that could pose a risk to health and safety
  • Use materials or apparatus in your manufacturing process that are radioactive or include hazardous substances

The business licensing portal, Gobusiness Licensing Portal, provides more details and information that you can refer to.


B. Learn More About Laws & Regulations

Find out about the laws and regulations that apply to each stage of food & beverage production:

  • Importing and exporting food and food products
  • Employing staff and foreign workers
  • Selecting premises for your F&B outlet
  • Applying for Halal Certification
  • Environmental health regulations
  • Registering your food factory
  • Getting planning permission if your premises were not originally approved for factory use
  • Licensing compliance (e.g. operating a cold store or food processing establishment)
  • Record keeping
  • Filing and paying taxes

If you would like more information, please go to Business Guides on Legal Information.

Last Modified Date: 13 Jan 2020