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Industry Snapshot

Provides an overview of the manufacturing sector and how it contributes to Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 01 Apr 2018

The manufacturing sector comprised some 9,300 establishments and employed about 424,500 workers in 2013.

Total output generated decreased 0.6% in 2012 to S$299.6B in 2013. Most clusters, with the exception of biomedical and precision engineering clusters, recorded output growth.

Manufacturing (2013)

 Total Number of Establishments

▼ 9,303

 Total Output

▼ S$299.6B

 Operating Expenditure

▲ S$76.0B

 Operating Surplus

▼ S$31.5B

 Value Added

▼ S$60.0B

▼ decrease from previous year   ▲ increase from previous year

Source: Singapore Economic Development Board 

Main Manufacturing Sub-Sectors

Main F&B


No. Of Establishments

Value Added (S$)

Total Output (S$)













Precision Engineering




Transport Engineering




General Manufacturing




Source: Singapore Economic Development Board

Business Costs

Manufacturing businesses spent the most on materials consumption, accounting for 46.2% of the total business costs of the manufacturing sector in 2013.

Remuneration was one of the top 3 business costs for all manufacturing clusters except the electronics cluster.

For More Information

Census of Manufacturing Activities (CMA) 2018
Singapore Economic Development Board

Last Modified Date: 11 Mar 2020