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Learn more about new measures to equip your business with the right capabilities and talent to capture growth opportunities.


Startups can tap on the Startup SG suite of schemes for support. Read more >


Find the right financing tool to meet your expansion needs. Read more >


Support workers in their skills training so that they remain relevant with changing needs of the industry.

Career Support Programme EXTENDED

Wage support for employers to hire eligible Singaporeans who are mature and retrenched, or are in long-term unemployment. Read more >

Capability Transfer Programme

Plug capability gaps in the local workforce by engaging foreign specialists to transfer capabilities to local workers, or sending local workers for training abroad, with funding support and work pass facilitation. Read more >

Career Trial

Try out job seekers seeking new careers through ashort0termwork stint, with training and salary support. Read more >

HR Portal

Upgrade HR capabilities from employee engagement to succession planning, with self-help guides and tools through an interatvie digital platform. Read more >

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) ENHANCED

  • Support of up to 70% to continue till 31 March 2023.
  • Expanded scope will include a training subsidy that covers 70% support for out-of-pocket training expenses, capped at S$10,000 per enterprise.

For queries relating to the new training subsidy under PSG, please contact SkillsFuture Singapore or call 6785 5785.

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) Place-and-Train

Receive training and salary support to hire and reskill job seekers, including mid-career switchers. Read more >

SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme

Groom and retain suitable fresh graduates from ITEs and Polytechics though structured career development programmes. Read more >

SkillsFuture Work-Learn Boot Camp

Attract and hire fresh graduates and mid-career individuals who will be trained with behavioural and technical skills for in-demand job roles. Read more >


Funding support to better recruit, manage and retrain newly-hired PMETs. Read more >


Leverage technology to create new products and services to seize new growth opportunities.

Centres of Innovation for Aquaculture and Energy NEW

Two new Centres of Innovation (COIs) for Energy and Aquaculture will be established to accelerate the technology commercialisation of cutting-edge innovations to improve the competitiveness of Singapore companies in the global market.

More details will be announced later.

Digital Services Lab NEW

Collaborate with IMDA, industry partners, research institutes, and institutes of higher learning to co-develop digital solutions to address sector-wide opportunities in the services industry. Read more >

Innovation Agents Programme NEW

Be guided by innovation mentors who will advise on the development of innovation strategies and connect businesses to technology and business partners. Read more >

Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI)

Online marketplace and consultancy for companies to connect with providers of suitable technology IP for business needs. Read more >

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore schemes

Access to business clinics and analytics to support the IP strategy. Read more >

Open Innovation Platform (OIP)

Get matched to problem-owners or solution providers to collaborate and tackle business needs in different sectors through digital solutions. Read more >

Operations and Technology Roadmapping (OTR) Programme

Get assistance in developing technology roadmaps aligned to business strategies and goals. Read more >

PACT Programme

Collaborate with other businesses to build capabilities, innovate and pursue global opportunities. Funds up to 70% of qualifying activities. Read more >

Tech Access

Get access to a comprehensive suite of A*STAR'sadvanced manufacturing equipment, under the guidance of technical experts. Read more >

Tech Depot

Get access to technology and digital solutions through the SME Portal and choose from a list of readily adoptable technology solutions. Read more >

Technology for Enterprise Capabilities Upgrading (T-Up) Programme

Get access to talent from A*STAR's Research Institutes and build in-house R&D capabilities. Read more >


Venture overseas and seize opportunities from the growing markets around us.

Double Tax Deduction for Internationalisation (DTDi)

200% tax deduction on the first $150,000 of qualifying internationalisation expenses for each YA, without the eed for prior approval from ESG or STB from YA 2019 onwards. Read more >

Enterprise Singapore Overseas Centres

Tap on the support from Enterprise Singapore at over 35 international locations to generate new business leads, find business partners and acquire new technologies and capabilities. Read more >

Global Innovation Alliance (GIA)

Gain access to overseas partners for co-innovation and market expansion.

Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) NEW

Build a pipeline of global-ready talent through overseas internships and overseas management associate (MA) programmes. Launching in Q2 2019. Read more >

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA)

Funds up to 70% for overseas market set-up, identification of overseas business partners and overseas market promotion. Read more >

Plug & Play Network (PPN)

Tap on in-market partners in China, Southeast Asia, India and UAE for market insights, business matching and co-working space options. Read more >

Tariff Finder

Enjoy tariff savings for easier market access through Singapore's Free Trade Agreements using the Tariff Finder. Read more >


Adopt automation and productivity solutions and build up digital capabilities to increase efficiency.

Automation Support Package (ASP) EXTENDED

Benefit from grant, tax and loan support tp defray the cost of large-scale deployment of automation solutions. Read more >

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) ENHANCED

  • Upgrade business capabilities, innovate or venture overseas.
  • Scheme supports projects in three key categories - core capabilities, innovation and productivity, and market access.
  • Support of up to 70% to continue till 31 March 2023. Read more >

Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Scheme

Access funding and transitional foreign manpower support to transform to become more manpower-lean. Read more >

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) ENHANCED

  • Support of up to 70% to continue till 31 March 2023.
  • Expanded scope will include a training subsidy that covers 70% support for out-of-pocket training expenses, capped at S$10,000 per enterprise. Read more >
For queries relating to the new training subsidy under PSG, please contact SkillsFuture Singapore or call 6785 5785.

Scale-Up SG

Growth partnership programme with private and public sectors to work with high-growth local firms to identify and build new capabilities, to innovate, grow, and internationalise. Read more >

More details to be announced later.

SME Centres

Get free one-to-one diagnosis and advisory session with SME Centres' Business Advisors. Read more >

SMEs Go Digital Programme EXPANDED

Adopt from more choices of pre-approved digital solutions and access Industry Digital Plans to ease everyday work operations and seize growth opportunities in the digital economy. Read more >

Start Digital

  • Adopt digital solutions right from the start to accelerate your start up process and business growth.
  • Choose any two of five solutions for free for a minimum of six months, with a contract period of at least 18 months. Read more >

SME Portal

First stop for useful business information, self-help tools, grants, tech solutions, events and other resources. Read more >


Learn more about the Singapore Budget 2019.

From startup to scale-up, discover government initiatives and schemes that will help transform your business.


Last Modified Date: 04 Oct 2019