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Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F)

The Energy Efficiency Fund supports industrial companies in their efforts to lower their facility's operating costs through energy efficiency. 

Purpose of the Scheme

The Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) encourages companies operating industrial facilities to adopt energy efficiency through co-funding of resource efficient facility design, energy assessments and energy efficient equipment & technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

Resource Efficient Design/Energy Assessments

  • Owner or operator of industrial facility registered and sited in Singapore

Energy Efficient Equipment & Technologies

  • Energy efficient equipment or technology installed within manufacturing facility sited in Singapore
  • Owner or operator of energy efficient equipment or technology shall be an EENP Partner

Funding Support

Resource Efficient Design/Energy Assessments

  • Up to 50% of qualifying costs incurred in engaging a third-party professional to perform design workshop/conduct a level -3 energy assessment

Energy Efficient Equipment & Technologies

  • Up to 30% of qualifying costs incurred for the implementation of energy efficient equipment or technologies that demonstrate measurable and verifiable energy savings1

1 Simplified measurement & verification requirements for lighting, motor & air-conditioning retrofits

To Apply

Please email to NEA_E2F@nea.gov.sg or contact the following officers for assistance.
Ms Eunice Koh, DID: +65 6731 9739
Mr Brent Liu, DID: +65 6731 9425
Ms Fiona Chew, DID: +65 6731 9392

For More Info

Energy Efficiency Fund

National Environment Agency
40 Scotts Road, #13-00
Environment Building
Singapore 228231
Hotline : +65 6225 5632

Last Modified Date: 08 May 2019