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Trade Credit Insurance Scheme (TCIS)

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 05 Jun 2015

The TCIS protects companies against cashflow problems arising from situations beyond control such as non-payment from buyers.

About the Scheme

Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) is an insurance protection that your company can purchase to protect itself against non-payment by your buyers, allowing you to acquire new customers with greater confidence.

The Trade Credit Insurance Scheme (TCIS) defrays the cost of insurance for companies by supporting part of the minimum premium payable.


If your company qualifies, Enterprise Singapore can support up to 50% of the minimum insurance premium for TCI policies provided commercially by Singapore-registered credit insurers. This is subject to a maximum lifetime support of S$100,000 per qualifying Applicant Company.

Eligibility Criteria

Your company needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Global headquarters1 anchored in Singapore
  • Turnover of Applicant Company and its subsidiaries should not exceed S$100 million
  • A minimum paid-up capital of S$50,000

For More Info

Trade Credit Insurance Scheme

Enterprise Singapore
230 Victoria Street #10-00
Bugis Junction Office Tower
Singapore 188024

1 Fusionopolis Walk
#01-02 South Tower, Solaris,
Singapore 138628

Email : enquiry@enterprisesg.gov.sg
Hotline : (65) 6898 1800

1 Global headquarters refer to global management control and decision making functions are based in Singapore. Indicators include global C-suite executives being based in Singapore; board meetings being held in Singapore, etc.

* Support under TCIS will be up to the qualifying Applicant Company’s portion of minimum premium for the TCI Policy.

Last Modified Date: 03 Sep 2019