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What is GeBIZ Alerts?

GeBIZ Alerts is a daily email service that proactively alerts subscribers of business opportunities posted on GeBIZ, the Singapore government’s procurement website, via their preferred mailbox and in accordance to their selected notification settings

Jointly introduced by EnterpriseOne and GeBIZ in March 2011, GeBIZ Alerts is an e-service that targets all Singapore-registered businesses. As of 31 March 2013, there are about 5,000 subscribers to the service.


Why did GeBIZ Alert come about?

The GeBIZ Alerts was introduced for greater convenience to businesses.

In the past, businesses had to search through the GeBIZ portal regularly in order to obtain information on tender notices posted by the government; which could be time-consuming, labour intensive and costly. There were also no alert services to actively notify businesses of the opportunities posted on GeBIZ.


How does GeBIZ Alerts benefit businesses?

In order to ensure timeliness of notifications, GeBIZ Alerts actively pushes out information on tender notices posted on the GeBIZ website to businesses on a daily basis. This saves businesses time and the hassle of visiting the GeBIZ portal daily to search for the same information. As the subscribers receive information that is customised to their preferences, it reduces the need for businesses to filter through the information on GeBIZ; which saves them time and provides them with greater convenience. It also improves the competitiveness of businesses as they are kept updated on the latest business opportunities.


Last Modified Date: 31 Jul 2018