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SME Case Study: Speed Up Business Response with SimplyCast eMarketing

Increase your business agility and market response with SimplyCast eMarketing, an email marketing solution that simplifies your reach to customers.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 30 Mar 2018

You know you have found a winning solution when it helps you do your work in less than half the time it took previously.  That is what Emballer, a retailer and distributor of IT and mobile products across South-East Asia, discovered when they subscribed to SimplyCast eMarketing application, on Singtel myBusiness, to manage their email marketing activities. SimplyCast eMarketing, a cloud-based all-in-one email marketing suite, allows users to create and broadcast information to its contacts while collecting and storing contact data in a centralised contact list.

Said Andrew Wong, General Manager of Emballer: "With SimplyCast eMarketing, we are now able to create EDMs (Electronic Direct Mailers) in a short time, thus improving our speed-to-market. Its simplicity of usage has also allowed us to deploy one instead of two staff for any campaign creation."

Cutting down on work processes

Emballer depends primarily on emails to keep customers updated about their latest news and offerings, and runs EDM campaigns fortnightly. Before harnessing SimplyCast eMarketing as their tool of choice, Emballer used to typically take one to two weeks, and two staff to manage each EDM from design stage to broadcast. More work would also go into maintaining and tediously updating the customer database before and after each campaign.


Last Modified Date: 28 Dec 2015

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