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Case Study: Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Best Employer - Singapore 2013

Tan Tock Seng has become one of Singapore's largest multidisciplinary hospitals with a proud history of more than 160 years of pioneering medical care and development. The hospital has 36 clinical and allied health departments, 15 specialist centers, and is powered by more than 6,000 healthcare staff.

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Published by Aon Hewitt Singapore
on 31 Mar 2018

In order to address a recurring attrition issue, the Hospital reviewed its employee value proposition through a unique and collaborative approach. It encouraged its staff to identify and define core employee values that would render their hospital a "Great Institution". The staff proposed six values: clarity, respect, equity, dialogue, opportunities and quality of life, family and friends. These values became the center of its employee promise and the foundation of the hospital's people strategy. As an example, the management team delivered on this promise through a three-step approach:

  1. Living the Values – Management dealt with the issue of high attrition by "walking-the-talk" on the six core values. To understand real issues and garner employee suggestions, extensive focus group discussions were held between the nurse family group and management.
  2. Institutionalize the Solution – The key learning of the focus group discussions was that nurses leaving the workplace would prefer to work part-time due to family responsibilities at home. With the common goal that patient healthcare cannot be compromised, the management and nurse family group reworked the operating procedures, such that part-time work would become permissible.
  3. Focus on Execution – The management realized that an unrelenting focus on execution was critical for the success of this initiative. The part-time work policy was integrated into the hospital's strategy for recruitment, engagement and retention. The impact of this initiative on attrition and motivation was then monitored.

The impact of Tan Tock Seng Hospital's employee value proposition, upon being applied as the foundation of its people strategy, helped deliver the following business results:

  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction
  • Increased the retention rate to 91%
  • Attrition rate became 50% below the national average


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