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Case Study: EvoShield LLC

Improving Efficiency and Collaboration with SAP Business One® powered by SAP HANA®

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Published by Axxis Consulting
on 08 Dec 2015

Case Study: EvoShield LLC

The world’s most elite athletes rely on EvoShield for protective gear that can withstand high impact while remaining comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. And since the company started in 2007, its popularity among professional sports leagues and consumers alike has exploded. To work more effectively with partners, gain transparency, and support continuing growth, EvoShield needed an integrated enterprise resource planning solution.

With the SAP Business One® application powered by SAP HANA®, EvoShield has enhanced operations to improve the quality, consistency, and on-time delivery of its products. Greater visibility into purchase orders is resulting in better inventory management, data access, collaboration, and customer service – which means EvoShield can stay on top of its game both now and in the future. 


EvoShield significantly increases on-time shipping 


  • Communicate more effectively with partners
  • Make more-informed decisions
  • Sustain continued growth
  • Improve scalability and integration with partners and suppliers
  • Improve operational efficiency


  • SAP Business One® application, a proven, scalable solution to support growth now and in the future
  • Ability to build on the SAP HANA® platform
  • Single powerful database, breaking down silos and improving collaboration
  • Ability to effectively manage all sales channels and data, including big-box stores and consumer customers


  • Access to real-time information across the business
  • Elimination of unnecessary paper records
  • Business process owners that can manage business units using trusted, consistent enterprise-wide data
  • Change in company culture and position as a relevant force in the industry

Future plans

  • Deploy a warehouse management system
  • Integrate electronic data interchange to better serve big-box retailers and manage compliance with their trading requirements
  • Continue to use SAP HANA to quickly share data and manage the business 


“When people see a small company with SAP, they are more likely to work with us. We can now use service levels as a competitive advantage. With SAP Business One, no one blames ‘the system’ anymore. It’s that simple. And the experience and expertise of ECS made the deployment a success.”

David M. Shinn, VP Operations
EvoShield LLC

Last Modified Date: 31 Mar 2018

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