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Staying ahead of the curve - 5 marketing tech trends for 2016

With the technological landscape moving so quickly, marketing professionals will increasingly see an endless choice of new software, services and apps that they can harness to drive up engagement and revenue. We’ve identified what are the latest trends in 2016 and the best methods you can use to get an edge over your competitors.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 29 Jan 2016

1. Increase sales with easy checkouts

Shopping cart abandonment is a very real problem for online retailers who are often fraught with loss of potential sales at check-out. While it’s easy for customers to add items into their shopping carts, they also often end up abandoning their carts for various reasons such as a lack of payment methods and delivery options.

What’s trending

Consumers are getting savvier and now expect more from their online usage with the growing affordability of computer and mobile technology. For example, mobile payments will see a rise in usage because they offer the convenience of not having to remember long credit card numbers and details. Such a trend has been seen in online marketplace Qoo10.sg, which reported in June 2015 that 50% of its customers were coming through its mobile app, with 20,000 daily transactions on the mobile.

What you can do:
Make payment painless

It’s time for online retailers to explore different platforms and hardware to invest in to accept more avenues of mobile payments – before the shopping cart gets lost to a competitor. Apart from incumbents such as PayPal, consumers now have an even wider range of options with the entry of payment platforms such as Dash, DBS Paylah, Alipay, Google Wallet as well as Apple Pay, which is coming to Singapore in 2016. 

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