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Warc Webinar: Measuring what matters in social media

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Published by WARC
on 13 Jul 2015

Social media is a well-established marketing channel, but when it comes time to quantify results, most marketers agree that measurement remains something of a dark art.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The Core Building Blocks of Social Media Measurement - How to read your numbers, what to look for over time, and the importance of an audience-centric approach.
  • How to Measure Audience Quality and Advocacy - How to know if you are attracting and engaging the right audience, and what you can learn about people's advocacy and loyalty to your brand, compared with that of your competitors.
  • How to Adopt (and Keep) a Data-Driven Approach to Best Practices - Learn the impact of each decision when it comes to your content - from frequency, day-parts, topics, length, positioning and many more seemingly small choices.

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