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Plug & Play Network (PPN)

Enterprise Singapore’s Plug & Play Network (PPN) is designed to provide in-market assistance to Singapore SMEs.

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Published by Enterprise Singapore
on 21 Feb 2019

Purpose of the Network

This network of partners aims to address top challenges SMEs face when venturing overseas such as the lack of market knowledge, the difficulty in identifying suitable business partners and the setting up of offices overseas.

Eligibility Criteria

All Singapore companies, including SMEs with:

  • Global aspirations
  • Clear internationalisation plan
  • Competitive product or service
  • Potential economic benefits to Singapore

*SMEs are defined as companies having annual turnover of less than S$100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report


Our partners’ services cater to SMEs at different levels of readiness for internationalisation:

  1. Pre-Entry Advisory

    Our partners can provide 3 types of customised reports that are 4 to 5 pages long for a flat fee of SGD$1500 per report. These reports can cover Market Entry Strategy, Exporting Information or Competitor Analysis. Our partners will also have a complimentary consultation session with the companies to explain the report.

  2. Overseas Business Partner Search

    Our Partners can screen and prequalify potential agents, distributors, partners or customers and set up the business meetings for the companies. This will be done at 15% off standard rates.

    Companies can also find business leads using Leadbook. Leadbook provides access to a global database of 20 million verified contacts from 4 million organisations. Leadbook is a research and analysis tool that provides customer insight through crawling websites in order to gather data used in real-time. It aids in lead generation by finding potential customers for companies across all verticals and markets internationally.

  3. Overseas Market Set-Up with Co-working Spaces

    Our partners are key co-working spaces in the market who can provide a fully functional workspace and have a wide network of various in-market resources including legal, incorporation services, logistics, HR and IT support.

To Apply

For more details on the application process, please see Plug & Play Network on Enterprise Singapore website.

Last Modified Date: 21 Feb 2019

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