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Business Grants Portal

The one-stop grant portal for businesses

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Published by Business Grants Portal
on 15 Jan 2020

Find The Right Grant For Your Business Through The Business Grants Portal

The Business Grants Portal (BGP) is a one-stop portal for businesses to apply for grants according to their needs without having to approach multiple agencies. The BGP1 was officially launched in January 2017. There are currently five grants available on BGP and more will be added progressively.


Grants Available

Administering Agency


Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant

Enterprise Singapore


Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Enterprise Singapore


Business Improvement Fund (BIF)

Singapore Tourism Board


Aviation Development Fund (ADF)

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore


Productivity Solutions Grant

Enterprise Singapore
National Environment Agency
Singapore Tourism Board
SkillsFuture Singapore

More agencies will come on-board gradually


The key features of the BGP are:

  1. Streamlined application forms

    Application forms and the data that agencies need have been streamlined. Businesses can apply for grants easily through a simple application process.

  2. Routing of applications to the relevant agency

    BGP is designed to route applications to the relevant agency based on user inputs, so businesses need not worry if they do not know which agency to approach for grant support.

  3. Simplifying the process of providing company related information

    Key company information will be automatically extracted from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s (ACRA) database, based on the registered Unique Entity Number (UEN) of the applicant company. In addition, the portal will store relevant company information provided in previous grant applications for re-use in subsequent grant applications.


[1] BGP (www.businessgrants.gov.sg) first introduced its beta version in May 2016.

Last Modified Date: 15 Jan 2020

Business Grants Portal

Website: https://www.businessgrants.gov.sg

Telephone: (65) 6708 7288

Email: BGP_helpdesk@enterprisesg.gov.sg