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DP Credit Rating

Proprietary and predictive credit risk ratings for Singapore companies and businesses.

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Published by DP Information Group
on 12 Apr 2016

DP Credit Rating: Proprietary Credit Risk Ratings for Businesses


DP Credit Rating is a proprietary corporate credit risk assessment solution developed by DP Information Group for the Singapore corporate credit community. It enables credit practitioners to better measure and manage their credit exposure over time.

It is one of the most objective, timely and accurate credit risk assessment tools available to address the needs of the Singapore credit management market. DP Credit Rating is uniquely developed with a statistical engine capable of credit rating Singapore SMEs.

DP Credit Rating has been widely adopted by a cross section of sectors. Lending institutions are utilising it both as a credit assessment criteria as well as an independent third-party assessment. It is currently used by regulatory agencies such as the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore as a tender criteria for government projects. Commercial institutions and SMEs subscribe to DP Credit Rating to conduct both self and secondary assessments on customers, suppliers and competitors.



  • Unique credit rating engine developed to evaluate Singapore corporations and SMEs.
  • Based solely on quantitative analytics approach.
  • Enhanced and developed over time to capture the changing credit and business landscapes.



Packages are specially ​tailored to each company's requirements. Connect with us at +65 6320 1900 or email us at cs@dpgroup.com.sg.

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