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Essentials Invoice

An easy-to-use, automated online app that lets you issue and track quotations and invoices within clicks.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 24 Nov 2016

Essentials Invoice Keep your sales team nimble with zero paperwork.


Many SMEs are creating quotations and invoices manually or using spreadsheets, which makes tracking difficult. Essentials Invoice is an easy-to-use automated online app that lets you issue and track quotations and invoices within clicks. It allows you to :

  • Create, send and log endorsed quotations within a single system;
  • Standardise your quotation process by importing your product directory and customer database;
  • Receive automatic quotation acceptance/rejection updates in real-time;
  • Measure performance with sales reports



  • One process to create, send and track quotations and invoices
    • Step-by-step quotation & invoice creation to acceptance, all within a single system.
    • Create quotation and invoice within clicks
    • Send quotation and invoice to customer from the system directly.
    • Customer can accept or reject the quotation and document in the system
    • Receive notifications upon quotation acceptance
    • Documented activity trail of the quotation or invoice tracked with timestamp.
  • Centralised inventory and pricing
    • Upload your existing client database
    • Import your product/service catalogue
    • Standardised pricing so every salesperson can add items to quote and bill easily.e
    • Smart search capability to create quotation instantly.
  • Schedule and send automated emails to customers
    • Set and send reminder emails to customers automatically to follow up on the acceptance or rejection of the quotation.
    • Schedule recurring invoices (for Standard Pack only)
  • Generate reports on your business performance
    • Acceptance rate of quotations
    • Status tracking on invoices
    • Salespeople performance
    • Product Performance

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  • Hassle-Free
    • Eliminate manual tracking and paper-based processes.
    • Reduce manual errors and keep up-to-date information.
    • Standardised pricing and format across the organization.
    • Add users as your organisation grows.
    • No paper documentation is required.
    • Retrieve historical data easily.
  • Security & Control
    • Data is saved on a ISO-27001 certified secured data centre with encrypted network and 99.5% guaranteed SLA uptime
    • Administrator has full access to create quotations and invoices, upload customer database and product directory, and view performance reports by company level.
  • Gain Insights into Business Performance
    • View projected and earned revenue for P&L statement.
    • At-a-glance reports of outstanding and accepted/paid quotations and invoices.
    • Gauge product and salespeople performance overtime

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  • 2 user
  • 10 quotations per month
  • 10 invoices per month
  • 1GB storage


  • $19.90/mth
  • 2 users
  • 30 invoices per month
  • Unlimited quotations
  • 1GB storage


  • $29.90/mth
  • 10 users
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited quotations
  • 1GB storage
  • Ability to set recurring invoice



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