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Incorporation Services

Largest Singapore Headquartered Incorporation services specialist that provides a wide range of corporate services for companies of all sizes.

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Published by InCorp Global Pte Ltd
on 09 Jan 2017

In.Corp Services: Taxation, Accounting, Compliance, Incorporation, Immigration, Recuitment, M&A/Corporate Finance, Insurance.


As the leading provider of professional corporate solutions for businesses in Singapore, In.Corp delivers a one-stop service for those looking to establish their first office or expand their existing operations in the country. We are the only Singapore-based corporate solutions company to have a presence in seven South-east Asian countries, uniquely positioning us to provide diverse expertise and tailored advice that benefits businesses from all over the world.


  1. Incorporation Services 
    Largest Singapore Headquartered Incorporation services specialist that provides a wide range of corporate services for companies of all sizes.

  2. Trademark and license Application service we help you to register a trademark for your intellectual property.

  3. Annual Compliance Services
    More than 10 years of experience in ensuring our clients stay up to date with their annual compliances per local regulations.

  4. Accounting and Book Keeping Services
    Highly qualified and experienced Accounting team based locally to assist with your company’s accounting and book keeping requirements.

  5. Taxation Services
    Certified Tax practitioners to assist with your company’s taxation and personal taxation requirements.

  6. Immigration
    A fully licensed Employment Agency that offers a full spectrum of work pass services for all your staffing needs.

  7. Share Registry:
    We are the market leader in share registry services, helping to guide companies through their IPOs, from executing shareholder meetings, running proxy votes, scrutineering to serving as a share registrar.

  8. Business Advisory:
    We have a team of qualified business Advisory’s to  assist business model efficiency and operations efficiency by achieving proper structuring during business set up.

  9. Risk Assurance:
    Growing businesses have to deal a lot of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in the business environment. Our team of experts help you identifying the inherent and evolving risks so that you can make better decisions and be prepared to manage risks.

  10. Corporate Recovery:
    More than 10 years of experience our professional experts assist you in a process of ensuring the owners, creditors, suppliers and employees of financially distressed businesses to get the best possible deal.


Rikvin (subsidiary of In.Corp Global Group) was very helpful in assisting the company shareholders to incorporate the company in such a way to be able to attract further equity investment while being eligible for a range of Singapore government grants and incentives.

Nigel Grier
CEO, BE Integrative Design Pte LTD

Our preferred company name was not approved initially. However, Rikvin (subsidiary of In.Corp Global Group) was very prompt and professional with their approach. They appealed to the authorities on our behalf and we were able to register the desired name right away. The customer service and efficiency displayed are definitely worth mentioning.

Nasser Aboobakar
Director, Proworks Services


Special Offers

Every service has to be accompanied by an exclusive offer to encourage user sign-up/subscription/adoption. This can be in the form of fee waivers, discounts, free trials or any other value add.

All SME Portal users will enjoy a 10% discount for our incorporation services.

Last Modified Date: 22 Oct 2019

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