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Avodah Cloud Accounting and HR Services - SMECEN

SME Cloud Exchange Network (SMECEN) is an integrated Accounting, Human Resources and related regulatory compliance solutions, developed by ASME with support from Enterprise Singapore, ACRA and IRAS.

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Published by Avodah Business Services
on 07 Dec 2018

Avodah Cloud Accounting and HR Services - SMECEN


SME Cloud Exchange Network (SMECEN) is an integrated Accounting, Human Resources and related regulatory compliance solutions. It was developed by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, with support from Enterprise Singapore, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

SMEs have faced rising compliance costs, having to stay in line with legislative and statutory requirements such as the filing of financial statements via XBRL (extensible business reporting language), mandatory annual returns and tax forms, as well as the issuing of itemised pay slips and proper employment contracts. The software facilitates SMEs' compliance, while also giving them oversight of their financial and tax position.

Using the software, firms can generate financial statements, corporate tax computations, as well as goods and services tax and corporate tax returns using standard report templates that draw on existing accounting data. When filing financial statements with ACRA, firms can also generate financial statement highlights in the required XBRL format.

The software allowing for overall productivity and lowered costs, and be well placed to develop management competencies powered by digitalisation of administration.



Boost efficiency and productivity by leveraging on technology and ride on the digitalisation wave by integrating two key business functions – Accounting and Human Resources.

System Design
Moving up the value chain

Human resource professionals can utilise SMECEN to better manage employee performance and talent pool, with the aims of achieving high employee performance, and the attraction and retention of top talents.


Benefits of SMECEN

IRAS Compliant
SMECEN is an IRAS supported software, which is customised for Singapore SMEs to auto calculate GST return and corporate tax Form C-S for easy IRAS filing.

ACRA Compliant
Annual report can be prepared in the format that is ready for ACRA filing. Financial Statement Highlights can be generated in required XBRL format, without the need to export the data into another preparatory tool.

Enhance Productivity
Prepare financial statements and tax submissions in hours, a fraction of what it will take today.

Cost Efficiency
It is a monthly subscription software and users do not need to invest in software and hardware to host this software. Software upgrades are done free and without any effort by users.



Price: $120 per month
Up to 5 Management Users* and 20 Staff Access

*Management users refer to users with Supervisory Access Rights to Accounting and HR Modules

One Time Charge
Avodah's Set Up and Training: From $2,000*

*This includes set up, implementation and training costs. The charge will be quoted based on understanding of the scope and size of the job.

Last Modified Date: 07 Dec 2018

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