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MecWise Claims

Automate your claims process.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 09 Jul 2015

MecWise Claims: Automate your claims process


A proven automated claims solution that prevents duplicate claim submissions.

  • Get notifications and approve claims via emails without logging in.
  • Auto compute claim balances.
  • Claims reflected in employees’ payslips (with MecWise Payroll).



Step-by-step setup wizard and other convenient features

  • Default setup with common claim types: medical, transport and miscellaneous.
  • Approve/reject claims using email without logging into system.
  • Email notifications for employee and supervisor.

Auto-computed claim balance

  • Benefit entitlement balance will be updated automatically upon claim applications and approval.
  • System will not allow claim submission if it exceeds the employee's available claim balance.

Supports GST and exchange rates

  • Multiple currencies supported. Administrator needs to change exchange rate manually.
  • Captures GST in the claim form to facilitate GST submission to IRAS.

Prevents duplicate claim submission

  • Avoid duplication of records with alerts that trigger when duplicate claims are submitted.

Offers advanced control over claims

  • Amend claim forms submissions before approval is given.
  • Allows customisation based on company’s policy. Supports additional claim types, claim benefit schemes and other details such as Group Entitlement and flexible carry-forward entitlement.

Comprehensive claim reports

  • Supports various detailed claim reports such as entitlement summary, employee claims, claims summary and claims details reports in downloadable formats such as Excel and PDF files.

Integration with MecWise Payroll

  • Conveniently integrates with MecWise Payroll. This allows you to post processed claim payment records to the payroll and ensure more accurate payroll processing.



Improve claims process and enhance efficiency

  • Improve the integrity of the claim management process.
  • Eliminate time spent on manual claim form submission and approval.

Track claims accurately

  • Supporting documents can be imported into the system for verification.
  • Claims’ history can be retrieved easily within clicks.

Cope with claim policy changes

  • Ensure compliance to companies’ claim policy changes.



The offer for this app includes a 12-month contract. Select the plan to take a free trial or make a purchase.


  • Inclusive of GST
  • 3 employee user licences (includes 1 admin licence)

Offer includes:

  • Trigger duplicate claim submission alerts
  • Auto-compute claim balance
  • Comprehensive claim reports

*Applicable for Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • 400% Tax rebate OR 60% Cash payout


  • Additional user licence (1 month contract): S$3.00/mth/user


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