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Business Broadband Security Suite

Essential protection against online threats.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 16 Jul 2015

Business Broadband Security Suite


Singtel Business Fibre Broadband Security Suite serves as the first line of defense for your business while using the Internet.

  • Broadband Content Filtering: Control access to counter-productive and potentially liable websites.
  • Broadband Protect: 3-in-1 value-added service (VAS) to protect against viruses and spam.
  • Helps safeguard your data by blocking attacks on your system.



Screen and filter access to all websites

  • Broadband Content Filtering protects business networks by limiting access to websites which could deliver spyware, malware, phishing and other cyber threats. With 4 pre-defined levels of security, you can easily customise the settings via an administration portal.
    • Basic – blocks malicious content, phishing sites, and sites regarding drugs, extremist groups, illegal, and hacking sites.
    • Productivity – blocks all sites in Basic setting, plus adult content, gambling, and peer-to-peer file sharing.
    • Security+ - blocks all sites in Basic and Productivity settings, plus bandwidth-heavy websites and counter-productive web chats and instant messaging.
    • Disable – disables the Broadband Content Filtering feature.

Protect against viruses and spam

  • Broadband Protect is a value-added service (VAS) package which includes anti-virus and anti-spam features.
  • Anti-virus – Detect and prevent malicious software programs from the computing environment that may result in interference to computer operations, such as data corruption and deletion.
  • Anti-spam – Flags messages with suspected spam content.

Intrusion Prevention System

  • Intrusion Prevention System protects your network from threats by blocking attacks that might otherwise take advantage of your network vulnerabilities.
  • IPS Monitoring is enabled to observe intrusion activities and you can request an IPS report to view the top attacks detected or top blocked attacks.

Note: This feature is only for SingNet eLite customers.

Monthly reports 

  • Download reports for Broadband Security analytics, such as top visited websites and top blocked sites. The report is published monthly and up to 6 months of reports are archived.

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Convenient and cost-effective

  • User-friendly administration portal lets you choose from pre-defined levels of security.
  • Our secure cloud infrastructure setup requires no equipment to be installed on your premises.
  • No need to spend on IT resource time for constant network monitoring and administering.

Ensures security

  • Prevents users from bringing security risks into the business by automatically stopping access to sites known to deliver spyware, malware and other threats.
  • Keep your data safe before it arrives on your company network.

Improves productivity

  • Screen the content of all incoming website pages to determine whether some or all of it should be displayed to the Internet user.
  • Block access to counter-productive websites.
  • Less bandwidth is absorbed by personal use, hence allowing more speed for business tasks.

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This service is offered to new and re-contract subscribers of SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband and SingNet eLite Internet Access. Select the service to take up a subscription.

For SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband (dynamic IP broadband), please click here.
For SingNet eLite Intenet Access (static IP broadband), please click here.


  • Inclusive of GST

Service details:

  • For SingNet eVolve Fibre Broadband and SingNet eLite Internet Access customers only


  • Inclusive of GST

Service details:

  • For customers who have access to Broadband Content Filtering onlly
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 1-month contract

Last Modified Date: 21 Apr 2018

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