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Fleet Visibility Vehicle Tracking System

Track your vehicles in real time.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 20 Jul 2015

Fleet Visibility Vehicle Tracking System


The web-based vehicle monitoring service that enables you to track your vehicles’ positions in real time.

  • Pinpoint the exact location of your entire fleet.
  • Obtain information in real time and manage your fleet efficiently.
  • Monitor driving speed and be alerted to potential fuel wastage when vehicles are parked with the ignition on.



Ignition On/Off

  • Identifies if the vehicle is parked with ignition on, which may lead to wastage of fuel. This feature can also be used to monitor Cold Trucks which need to be “warmed up” to reach the optimum operating temperature.

Travelling Speed

  • Ensures your vehicles comply with speed limits – resulting in reduced traffic offences and improved safety of the drivers. This also assures customers that their goods are in safe hands.

Geo Boundary Alerts

  • Alerts you when your vehicles enter a preset virtual boundary, e.g. the perimeter of your customer's building or even the road leading to it.
  • Email or SMS can be generated to inform your customer that your vehicles are minutes away, delivering a greatly improved customer experience.

Accurate location prediction

  • Provides a location fix on your fleet with an accuracy of up to 20m.
  • This allows for easy and effortless tracking of your personnel and assets. Formulate and plan for a more efficient workflow system that boosts productivity and reduces time wastage.

Anti-hijacking system

  • Prevents hijacking by immobilising your vehicles if they fall into the wrong hands.



Save costs in multiple ways

  • Instantly locate your entire fleet without the need to make a huge investment in hardware or software.
  • Reduce wastage and protect assets against loss or theft.
  • Easy to scale up as your business grows.

Better control over your fleet

  • Improved accountability and control with electronic documentation of vehicles’ travelling history and secure route monitoring.

Enhance productivity and efficiency

  • Enhance productivity with improved fleet management decisions.
  • Optimise asset utilisation based on usage data, resulting in reduced fleet mileage and working hours.

Learn more about Fleet Visibility’s benefits



The offer for this app includes a 24-month contract.


  • + S$642.00 per vehicle (one-time charge)
  • Inclusive of GST

Offer includes:

  • 1 vehicle user licence
  • Data SIM with 1 GB plan

*Applicable for Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • 400% Tax rebate OR 60% Cash payout


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