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Capitalising on a Strong Reputation for Business Growth

Branding and customer service are the pulse of local commercial and residential interior design firm Weiken.com, and they’re helping to drive the business forward – even during tough economic times.

Capitalising on a Strong Reputation for Business Growth

While Weiken.com’s managing director Vincent Neo’s chief talent may be design, he is also a marketer at heart. A strong believer in branding, he has positioned his company’s strategy by taking inspiration from the branding campaigns of large companies like OSIM and Amazon.com. “Branding is crucial to companies in industries like ours where it is important to extend reach and build a strong reputation in order to ensure a consistent customer stream,” he explains.

The company developed a branding roadmap and identified various advertising mediums such as radio, television and print to imprint its brand on customers’ minds. In fact, according to Mr Neo, business has gone up by 20 to 30 percent since the company started implementation of his branding strategy. It has a strong, loyal customer base and continues to grow this through referrals as well as repeat business which forms about 40 percent of its customers.

Mr Neo attributes Weiken.com’s success to its branding and customer service initiatives, such as:

1.       Having an e-Care Department

Weiken.com has its own e-care department dealing with all customer-care related issues, from managing after-sales warranty to handling customer feedback. Mr Neo says that the e-care department leverages digital tools and solutions to ensure that the company provides better after-sales service and a hassle-free customer experience.

2.       Engaging with the Customer From the Start to the End

Customer information and feedback is collected right from the very first engagement (for example, finding out how they heard about Weiken.com) all the way to after-sales, when feedback is sought on service delivery, etc. This way, improvements can consistently be made to customer service.

3.       Enhancing Brand Reputation

For the past four years, Weiken.com has engaged Mark Lee as its brand ambassador. “This has made our brand relatable as well as recognisable. The partnership made sense given Mark Lee’s involvement in various home improvement television programmes. It has helped foster our brand reputation and builds trust amongst customers,” says Mr Neo.

4.       Going Digital

In keeping with the times and staying up to date technologically, Mr Neo started digitising various aspects of his business in 2005 in order to adapt to changing consumer trends and preferences. This included weaving its website address into the company name and having a heavy social media presence on platforms like Facebook.

5.       Using Mass Media to Reach A Wider Audience

Taking part in relevant home transformation television programmes like Please Be My Guest has raised awareness of Weiken.com’s work and profile. “Businesses should find opportunities to showcase the work that they do. Participating in these TV programmes has taken our brand awareness to the next level – it has helped potential customers gain a better idea of our work and our professionalism,” Mr Neo adds.

Capitalising on its Reputation

Having a strong branding and customer service strategy in place has been a key to the company’s foundation – its structure, processes and people, says Mr Neo. In 2015, armed with a strong reputation and good customer relationships, he felt the company was ready to expand its business regionally. He elaborates,"The Singapore market may be small and fiercely competitive, but local companies enjoy a strong Singapore brand regionally. In order to increase our company’s business, we need to expand overseas to grow our customers."

As franchising is a cost-effective expansion strategy, Mr Raymond Wong, a business advisor from the SME Centre at the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SME Centre@SMF) suggested that Weiken.com should explore this option. Tapping on SPRING Singapore’s (now Enterprise Singapore1) Capability Development Grant, Weiken.com embarked on an upgrading project to assess its financials and conduct market research in neighbouring companies, before developing a franchise model.

With this franchising model in place, the company is now exploring expansion opportunities in Vietnam, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Japan. Mr Neo says, “Mr Wong and the SME Centre@SMF have helped Weiken.com ensure that we are on track for future growth and success.

Visit https://spring.enterprisesg.gov.sg/CDG to find out how the Capability Development Grant can support your business upgrading projects.

1SPRING Singapore merged with IE Singapore to form Enterprise Singapore on 1 April 2018.

Last Modified Date: 04 Oct 2018