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How leadership skills should evolve when scaling your business

When you're growing a business, you also need to grow yourself as a leader – your leadership and decision making skills needs to evolve as you switch from scaling up to gaining traction and sustaining long-term growth.

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Published by Singtel myBusiness
on 19 Oct 2016

How leadership skills should evolve when scaling your business

Ever wonder why owners of small businesses and startups seem so different from multinational CEOs? It’s because as companies grow, they go through different phases that place different demands on leadership.

As a leader, your approach and focus needs to change as your business matures. Here's how you should adapt your leadership and decision making in order to grow your business from strength to strength.

In the beginning, experiment

When you’re heading up a small business, the most effective leadership approach is geared towards experimentation. You need to be flexible, ready to take risks and adapt.

Why is experimentation key? As author Eric Ries said, experimenting and testing is the most efficient way for a startup to learn. Learning is critical, as most founders start with a product idea and need to find out if it’s viable. The Lean methodology teaches that, rather than exploring whether your product can be built, leaders should seek to answer the question: "Can we build a sustainable business around this set of products and services?"

Entrepreneur Shishir Choudhary used frequent early experimentation to grow Sociacad in Singapore, saying it was invaluable for highlighting "what did and did not work”.

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