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End-to-End Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solution

End-to-End Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solution

Vault Dragon is the only company in Singapore which offers end-to-end Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution to help healthcare providers go paperless. Key components of the solution include record digitisation and storage of physical case notes, provision of an annotation platform to enable doctors to continue writing, and a cloud-based practice management system.

End-to-End Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solution - record digitisation and storage of physical case notes

By leveraging on Vault Dragon’s solution, doctors and healthcare professionals can be assured that their hardcopy medical records are digitised accurately and thereafter stored securely, their use of the new systems will not significantly change the existing workflows, and most importantly, increased efficiency of the day-to-day operations can be expected.


Phase 1 – Record Digitisation and Storage

  • Singapore Evidence Act certified record imaging / scanning process
  • Cloud archival system with real-time, secure access to digitised documents
  • Secure warehouse to store physical medical records
  • On-demand document pickup and retrieval services to and from the clinic location

    Phase 2 – Case Note Annotation Solution

    • iPad or Android based application to manage existing and create new patient records just like on paper, but digitally
    • ICD-10 Diagnosis Code tagging
    • Customised templates to meet the doctors’ needs and suit current workflow
    • Seamless capturing and organisation of medical notes, laboratory reports, medication prescriptions and radiographic images

    Phase 3 – Practice Management System

    • Cloud-based system to manage appointments, clinic queue, inventory, invoices and payments
    • Multi-tenancy setup that allows for multiple locations to leverage on the same platform
    • Customer relationship management tools such as membership schemes, monthly newsletters, and SMS & email tracker
    • Financial and inventory reports generated in MS Excel for easy analysis


    Our integrated solutions are designed to help practices save time, space and cost.

    1. Saving Time
    • Centralised system that stores medical records digitally, eliminating the hassle of finding and organising patient records
    • Automate the processes of invoicing, prescription labelling and financial reporting
    • Time saved can be better used for patient counseling and engagement

    2. Saving Space

    • Secure off-site storage of physical medical records allow for more than 8-10 square feet of space to be freed up, reducing rental cost
    • Additional space can be converted into consultation rooms or to house more medical equipment / devices

    3. Saving Cost

    • Reduce the amount of paper, files and stationery used
    • Reduce potential human errors during day-to-day operations such as the misfiling or misplacement of patient records
    • No need to invest in expensive local servers as system leverages on secure, public cloud infrastructure
    • Improved efficiency reduces patient waiting time, allowing more patients to be attended to within the same number of consultation hours.



    Varies according to the different needs of SMEs, contact us for more details.


    Download the Brochure here: Tech Depot Brochure_Vault Dragon


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