ShopalyticsTM Merchant

ShopaylyticsTM Merchant


ShopaylyticsTM Merchant is an innovative solution that is R&D in Singapore. An Omni channel Merchant Smart ePOS and Payment Solution with data analytics with Predictive A.I that is self-learning that is designed for F&B with Pay at Table extension.


ShopaylyticsTM Merchant sits on a XSMART Platform, that is Scalable platform designed for storage, integration and management of data for secure data exchange, analytics, visualization providing prescriptive actions for monetization of their existing client.


  1. ePOS Electronic Cash Register
  2. ePayment mPOS Device - supports Major Payment Schemes
  3. Smart A.I. Business Advisor
  4. Pay At Table extension



  1. AI Advisor Smart Notifications.
  2. Start and end Detects, Seasonal Trends, business Trends and more.
  3. Smart Business Recommendation.
  4. Greater customer-server engagement, & fraud prevention asset.
  5. More Turn tables and serve a greater number of patrons per shift.
  6. Convenience of Digital Payment.





Contact Information

1GFS Pte. Ltd.
3 Kallang Way 2A,
Fongtat Building,
Singapore 347493

Mobile +65 8288 8337/ Office +65 6906 5729 /