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Collection & Delivery Management System (CDMS)

Collection & Delivery Management System (CDMS)


The Collection & Delivery Management System (CDMS) solution gives courier/logistics companies that have physical or service delivery, real-time visibility in services. Productivity can be improved by reducing the time and cost of the manual collection and delivery handling processes with more efficient operations tracking.

The CDMS provides a complete end-to-end solution comprising of cloud system and mobile apps to specialty printers, RFID, software and services in order to track the goods and data that flow through the business operations, and make better decisions.


  • Provides dynamic or static route suggestion deliver in time. All delivery fail tracking and proof of genuine undelivered by driver with call log are recorded.
  • Reports are generated for completed delivery processes. The system supports digital signature of customer with auto ID support for real-time management, monitoring and tracking.
  • Cost effective and plug & play full cloud and mobile Phone Apps which is able to identify delivery item and to verify deliver the right item through the receiver verification code deliver to right person


Key Process Performance Indicators Productivity Improvement
Collection & Delivery Operation Cost At least 20%
Collection & Delivery Cycle Time At least 20%
Item Track & Trace Operation  

20 – 30%

Collection & Delivery Reporting
Items Auditing



S$20,000 + GST




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