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Track Field Engineer Jobs with InSightTM Servicing.

Are you tired of maintaining spreadsheets for field service tracking? Are your field engineers unable to complete jobs on time due to delays in task scheduling and dispatching? Its time you move on to automated field service management software. It takes the inconsistencies out of your processes and ensures improved productivity and deliverability.

InSightTM Servicing offers industry’s best implementation and support services to enable field service companies to manage their disparate teams.

InSightTM Servicing is suitable for companies that require deploying technicians or engineers at customer sites.

For companies, whose servicing and maintenance done on premise, InSightTM Servicing can be adapted to digitalize the paper and manual processes and measure performance to increase productivity.



Intelligent Scheduler & Dispatch

Assign field engineers and drivers for servicing & maintenance and delivery jobs based on your pre-determined factors to maximize your resource planning.

Dynamic Workflow

Configure your workflow according to your business needs. Notifications are added in each level.

Dynamic Checklists

Configure your inspection templates to replace paper forms.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule your planned and adhoc jobs to optimize your resources.

NFC/QR Technology

Allow field engineers to instantly identify and track any fixed assets or equipment.

Manage Service History

Instant retrieval of servicing & maintenance history and equipment manual are possible.

Mobile Remote Assistant

Augment Reality (AR) is made Expert Advice available to field engineer at customer site.



Playback Whenever

Every Mobile Remote Assistant session is recorded for audit or training purpose.

Instant Messaging

Apart from Real-Time Video and Voice Record, instant messaging is possible if it is not convenient to speak at site.

Real Time Visibility

Field data turn into operational dashboard for management to make instant decisions. Operational Reports with proof of services are generated instantly.



Reduction in at least 55%

Manual paperwork and documentation with digitalization.

Increase 20%

Profit Margin with resource optimization, referring to manpower and stock inventory.

Increase 30%

Better Customer Experience and reduction in negative customer feedback.





Varies according to the different needs of SMEs. Contact us for more details.


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