InSightTM  QSE integrates Quality, Safety and Environment inspections and work processes into one application on the mobile and web.

Issues are not forgotten but get resolved. Inspections and defects reports are generated for tracking, rectification and analysis.

It gives the project team greater site visibility in project aspects.

Given the safety and environment platforms, infringements found are notified for immediate actions to be followed up.  Safety issues found will also be monitored till it is resolved with a closure. The data collected is analysed to identify gaps in the safety of the workplace for management to make decisions to take preventive actions.

InSightTM  QSE helps companies to comply to tender requirements and regulated government regulations.



Dynamic Checklists

Configure your Quality, Safety and Environment inspection templates to replace paper forms.

Defect Tracking

Keep track of non-compliances and defects with rectification details.

Work Progress

Generate instant summary report of building where work have been carried out.

Pre-handover inspection

Perform Internal inspection prior to handover.

Multi-Level Approval PTW

Multi-level Permit-To-Work application and approval via mobile devices (levels are configurable at web)

Connecting Workforce

Inspectors can conduct and rectify inspection issues in real time.

Mobile Remote Assistant

Augment Reality (AR) allows annotation of non-compliances and defects at site to provide clarity for rectification works.

Playback Whenever

Every Mobile Remote Assistant session is recorded for audit and tracking purposes.

Instant Messaging

Apart from Real-Time Video and Voice Record, instant messaging is possible if it is not convenient to speak at site for urgent safety issues.


Comprehensive Quality, Safety and Permit-To-Work reports to glean insights into work sites safety. These analytics are made available on mobile and web.



Reduction in at least 60%

Manual paperwork and documentation with digitalization.

Increase 20%

Promotes workplace safety and reduces safety accidents.

Increase 30%

Improves quality of work and reduces cost of errors.



Varies according to the different needs of SMES. Contact us for more details.



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